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"I have rarely been truly blown-away by a speaker. Sam Richter's presentation featured some of the most eye-opening, mind-blowing, information and techniques I have ever experienced in a high-content keynote. I couldn't take notes fast enough! As they say: "You don't know what you don't know." Trust me. What Sam knows, you don't know. Hire him to speak for your conference! You'll be a hero."
David Avrin
Avrin Public Relations Group


"Sam was engaging, fast-paced, interesting and kept the group glued to his presentation. Being in the real estate business and dealing with both smaller private and larger public companies, and individuals, he gave us some tools and tricks to learn more about our tenants and prospects than we ever could imagine."
Arvid Povilaitis
Chief Operating Officer
Meritex Commerical Real Estate


"Sam is a pioneer in the emerging best practice of sales intelligence. In the process of sharing how to make the best use of the internet, he brings wit and insight that results in a thoroughly entertaining experience for all who attend."
Mark Morris
My-Pipeline, Inc.


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